cropped-TMS-BW-Headshot-Bevel.pngDr. Teresa Signorelli, CCC-SLP, is bilingual speech-language pathologist and human development specialist. She is the Director of the Smadbeck Communication and Learning Center and the Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory in the Communication Sciences and Disorders Department at Marymount Manhattan College. Her work regards how the brain changes though normal development, in response to disorder or injury, and following cognitive-linguistic, motor-speech, and related therapies. Her research is published and presented at conferences internationally.

Dr. T trains and mentors students, clinical staff, and faculty in her role as Clinic Director. She also trains and counsels caregivers of individuals with communicative challenges. She also writes and delivers continuing education trainings for certified speech-language pathologists.

Dr. T is strong community and passionate nonprofit advocate. She a volunteer for the New York Junior League where she has served in a number of leadership capacities including sitting on the organization’s Nominating Committee co-chairing the Nonprofit Boards Clearinghouse, a training committee on nonprofit governance. She presently sits on the organization’s External Communications Committee.

Helpful Links for Dr. Teresa

Marymount Manhattan College: http://www.mmm.edu/

Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders: http://www.mmm.edu/departments/communication-sciences-and-disorders/

Smadbeck Center for Communication & Learning: http://www.mmm.edu/departments/communication-sciences-and-disorders/csdclinic.php

Cognitive Neuroscience Lab: Coming soon

Dr. T’s Personal Website: http://www.myspeechdoctor.com/


Show Premise

Kids A to Z with Dr. T is a dynamic talk show on the areas of development in early childhood (i.e., physical, intellectual, social-emotional, emotional and moral), how they influence each other and how to best foster them. Topics such as the effects of TV on the brain, surprisingly early pre-literacy skills, and the benefits of bilingualism are just a few show topics.


Show Purpose & Benefits

Science shows that early childhood experiences are critical and set the foundation for skills across the lifespan.

Dr. T and her colleagues find that parents often lack fundamental knowledge or receive misinformation about child development. There are also alarming trends of decreased science and math scores and increased numbers of obese and special needs children in the US.

Kids A to Z strives to endow parents with knowledge and skills to empower their children to thrive and reach great potentials.


Show Audience

The show is ideal for parents and other caregivers of children birth through five years.


Show Main Segments

· Brains in Toyland

“Brains in Toyland” are what children are. In this segment, Dr. T interviews professionals in child development to provide expert information and opinions so caregivers know what they need to foster and how.

· All Star Play Room

Children learn and grow through play. In the “All-Star Play Room” segment, Dr. T and her guests talk about what toys and activities are good for fostering particular areas of development at different ages. Guests include professionals and service vendors such as directors of music, art, gymnastics, foreign language, and other programs.

· Ask Dr. T

In the “Ask Dr. T” segment, Dr. T and her guests talk with parents who are engaged in the topic of the day. They field questions from the audience and share case studies to help answer questions caregivers may not know or feel confident enough to ask.


Mini Show Segments (Coming Next Year…)

1. The “Kid Quotient” segment poses a query of child development to the audience and answers it later in the program.

2. “Five Favorites for Families” is a list of the professional guest’s top five suggestions for families regarding child development.

3. In “Dr. T’s Toy & Program Review” Dr. T will review a particular toy or program on the market.

4. The “Milestone Moment” is a short broadcast of information about a developmental area at a particular age level.

5. “Kids News Extra” is a brief announcement about a current event or other news worthy information.

6. “The Kid Commentary” presents a child giving his/her opinion on a topic related to the show.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. Your contact information will not be shared or sold to any third parties.

You can request to have your information purged from our contact list at any time by emailing us at info@kidsatoz.com



The ideas and opinions expressed on the show are those of Dr. T and her guests. They are intended for educational purposes. Audience members should always see the advice of relevant professionals if they have questions about their child’s development. Participating as an audience member implies that you agree to and understand these terms. Thanks you for your interest and cooperation.



We appreciate any feedback you may have about the show. …


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